Just to tell you something about Jude Conning...photographer, creater, educator, traveller

Who doesn't want to have a lovely photograph of themselves, their children, their family?

Too often the woman is the invisible person in family photos, they are the photographer or they have been busy organising everyone else and don't want to be caught by the camera. Or they just don't have time, or the hairdo or need to lose a few kilos so it is always "someday".

I want to change that for you - to ensure that every woman has photos of herself that she is proud to show others. I want to help reveal your inner and outer beauty.

It is so important that families have images of themselves and their children that they want to hang on their walls and create a legacy for years to come.

I have been photographing people, places and wildlife for many years and more recently moved my focus to portraits. It's an an incredible and moving experience to see people relax, have fun and take delight as their images appear.

My Diamond Beach studio opened in September 2015 after several years doing sessions in people's homes so I invite you to treat yourself to some very pleasant time out and a transformation of how you see yourself.

Phone 0418 828 338 or email jconning7@gmail.com